Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the school?

The full address is: Lakeside Community School, London Road, DE24 8UY

How do I get there?

Going by car:

Go past Castlefields Church on your left & turn left into London Road at the traffic lights / roundabout.
Continue on London Road for 1.5 miles (by car the journey time is 5 mins).
The school is on the left hand side of the road (just past Wickes DIY which is on the right).

Going by bus:

There are a number of buses from the bus station that go down London Road or via Pride Park to Alvaston.
There is a bus stop outside the school.


It takes about 40 mins to walk to the school from the church.

Is there car parking at the school?

Yes - you can park in the school car park up to 10.30am.
After that you can park on the London Road for free.

Why are we going to the school on Sunday Mornings?

We have been so blessed by God in recent years with an increasing number of people attending the church. The capacity of the current building is no longer suitable for such a large number of people.

How long do we intend to stay at the school?

We do not know the answer to this as yet. A great deal depends on the changes necessary at Traffic St to ensure we have adequate facilities for our expanded attendance.

Will Sunday School operate as normal at the school?

Yes - there will be a Sunday School at the school for about 30 mins in the usual format.

Will there be creche facilities?

Yes - the Sunday School room will be available for parents to use during the service. There is a sound relay from the service into this room. We do however encourage parents to bring children of all ages to the service. The regular "children's talks" which give a taster of the Sunday School material will continue.

Are the children allowed to play on the playground equipment at the school?

Unfortunately we are not able to allow the children to play on the equipment and we would ask parents to ensure that the children understand this. There is plenty of room for the children to run around and play in the playground but parents will need to be responsible for their own children if they go outside.