Christian Biographies

Not only will reading Christian Biographies undoubtedly be something that will profit the life of every Christian, but if you are not a Christian and just visiting this website out of curiosity, it will help you to understand what real Christianity is like.

The comment below by Lyle W Dorsett, which is from the foreword to one well known biography, sums it up well:

“Over the past 20 years I have devoted much time to studying the lives of Christians. Reading biographies and autobiographies… has shaped my spirituality, encouraged me in my walk with God and caused me to ponder anew the role of books in the process of spiritual formation. One striking lesson learned from spending time with pilgrims from bygone eras is that, next to disciplined daily time in prayer and the Scriptures, the reading of devotional literature and biographies ranks extremely high among formative influences. Indeed, many Christians who have made significant contributions to the church testify to the profound impact of books – especially biographies – on their spiritual development”.

Where should one start? What books do you recommend? They are the questions that you may be asking in the light of this. Well, here are ten superb biographies to get you going. They are of varying length and from various times in history. They are in no particular order as all of them are well worth reading and represent a good cross section, so we hope that there will be material for all readers.

All of these books are currently in print and can easily be sourced from a good bookshop or on the internet. (Some are even available in Kindle format!).

Title Who is it about? Author Comment
Men of Purpose
Men of Destiny
(both p/b)
Various Peter Masters These are two separate well illustrated books containing short chapters about famous men and women of faith. They include:
Alfred the Great, Henry Heinz, Sir James Simpson, Felix Mendelssohn and many more.
A great way to start and to whet your appetite. These stories are long enough to be gripping but short enough to make you want to find out more!
Joni: An Unforgettable Story
Joni Eareckson Tada Joni Eareckson Tada and Joe Musser One beautiful summer’s day at Chesapeake Bay, Joni dived into the inviting water and surfaced into a nightmare! But it was a nightmare that had a purpose and Joni is a shining light of real Christian testimony and courage in the face of adversity, loss and pain. A modern story – a challenge to every reader.
Through Many Dangers
John Newton Brian Edwards If you have heard of the world’s most famous hymn, “Amazing Grace” then you must read this book! It will show you how God “saves a wretch” and changes him into a profitable servant of God. A must!!
The Hiding Place
Corrie Ten Boom Corrie Ten Boom A book that was made into an exciting feature film – set in the 2nd World War. If you like real adventure – whatever age – this is for you!
This book is reviewed by Chloe, who is a young teenager.
Travel with John Bunyan
John Bunyan John Pestell & Brian Edwards This book is in a superb series of short well illustrated “Travel With” various characters from our rich Christian heritage.  It looks like a guide book but reads like a biography. Bunyan is a fascinating character and the writer of one of literature’s greatest treasures – The Pilgrim’s Progress.
William Carey
(h/b & p/b)
William Carey S Pearce Carey and Peter Masters A large book – the hardback has over 400 pages. For the serious reader but not a hard book to read. Full of insights into the life and work of this pioneer of mission work to India in 1792. Without modern helps and transport his achievements are staggering in the face of seemingly  insurmountable difficulties. 
Spurgeon – A New Biography
Charles Haddon Spurgeon Arnold Dallimore Surely one of the greatest preachers that the world has seen since the days of the Apostles.  There are plenty of books about this great man but this is one of the easiest and reading this will make you want to get hold of the extensive two volume autobiography by Spurgeon himself. 
Running the Race -  Eric Liddell
Olympic Champion and Missionary
Eric Liddell Sebastian Coe and John W Keddie Liddell made history in the 1924 Olympics by refusing to run on a Sunday, yet still achieving Gold medal status in a totally different race – inspiring in every way. More accurate and extensive than watching the film of the story, “Chariots of Fire” - very relevant in this Olympic year.
Out of The Black Shadows -
The Amazing Transformation of Stephen Lungu
Stephen Lungu Anne Coomes Fact that reads almost like fiction – guns, petrol bombs robbery – they were the currency of the gang, the Black Shadows. If you want adventure and reality together in a modern setting – here it is.

Please follow this link to read reviews of biographies by members of Castlefields Church.