Have You Got Faith?

Have you got faith?

People talk a great deal about “having faith”, but what does it really mean?

Faith cannot exist without an object. You cannot simply “have faith”. Faith must be “in something” or “in someone”. Faith is more than just “belief”.

We can give a simple example - I want to get to London by train. I can believe that the train in the platform is going to London but I do not have faith in that unless I prove it by boarding the train and proving that it is true. By boarding the train, I am then dependent on that belief. I am proving it by placing my trust wholly in the information that I have been given about the train and its destination.

The Christian’s faith has a clear object – it is a person - Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Saviour of sinners.

Many people say that they “believe” in Jesus but that is not the same as having faith. In fact the Bible reminds us that the Devil believes in Jesus! (James 2 v 19).

The Bible tells us about our sin and about our need of salvation. It also tells us that Jesus Christ is God’s answer to our need. It tells us that we are in grave danger of the judgement of God for our sin and that our only hope is to put our faith in Jesus Christ as our own personal Saviour. That requires more than just belief – it requires faith!

Our great problem is that naturally we do not posses the necessary saving faith required to secure that salvation, which is offered freely to us from the God who loves sinners. But do not despair! Faith is a free gift!

If we come to God empty handed, repenting of our sinful life and cry out to Him to give us this gift, He has promised that He will never turn any away. Someone once said that faith was like “the empty hand of a beggar” only able to receive and totally unable to pay for anything.

You have to be desperate to become a Christian – even to realise that faith is a gift of God and that I have no goodness of my own. But what a gift!

Read about saving Faith in the Bible in Ephesians Chapter 2 v 1 – 10

Then ask this question, “Have I got faith?”